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be365官网体育:Professor Jean-Francois Masson from Université de Montréal visited our college

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On Dec 8, 2019, Professor Jean-Francois Masson of the Université de Montréal in Canada was invited to our school for academic exchanges. The wonderful report entitled "Surface plasmon resonance and surface-enhanced Raman sensor for environmental and medical applications" was held in the B3111. Professor Jean-Francois Masson mainly introduced the construction of multi-structure high-performance optical substrates, introduced the research contents and latest developments of his research group, and focused on the aspects of micro-sized SPR chip and nano-fiber SERS real-time monitoring explosives, anticancer drug blood concentration, nerve cell metabolism and so on, progress in the current analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed method and conventional technology. The portable multi-channel SPR analyzer, which had collected research results for many years, was also displayed on the site. Both reports attracted plenty of teachers and students to participate, and the atmosphere was very hot. Professor Masson also had extensive discussions and exchanges with teachers and students.

Professor Jean-Francois Masson received his Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry from Arizona State University in 2005 and entered the Georgia Institute of Technology to conduct postdoctoral research in the same year. He is currently a tenured professor of Chemistry at the University of Montreal, a member of the Royal Society of Canada, an associate editor of RSC Analyst, and the ACS Sensor Editorial Board. He has won a number of international awards, including the Fred Beamish Award in Canada, the Humboldt Fund in Germany, and the Thomas Hershfield Award in the United States. In 2019, he was named the world's outstanding analytical chemist under 40 years old. He has hosted 12 international conferences as chairman or principal person in charge and invited more than 120 academic reports at international conferences. He has published 250 papers in international academic journals such as Natural Communication, Nano Letters, ACS Nano, Angew, Analytical chemistry, Chemical Communications and Biosensors, and Bioelectronics. Total cited more than 3522 times, H-index 36. Hosts and undertakes a number of major scientific research projects in Canada, China, the United States, and Germany, with funding totaling more than 6 million Canadian dollars.

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Lecture site

Lecture site

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