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be365官网体育:When Materials Get Thinner and Thinner to One Atom Layer

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On 22 November 2019, Professor David PerezdeLara from Universidad ComplutensedeMadrid, Spain visitedJiangnan University. At Meeting Room A316 of Chemical andMaterialsEngineering College, Professor David PerezdeLara gave an academic seminar on2D Materials andDevices. Professor Liu Ren,deputydirector of Chemcail and Materials Engineering College chaired this seminar. Professor David PerezdeLara first introduced to the audiences the background knowledge of 2D material, its discovery and its fascinating properties ever since then. Flexible, transparent and tunable devices can be fabricated almost at will by assembling building blocks of 2D materials with different properties. The tunability of the material properties can be achieved by different strategies like Straintronics, Twistronics, Iontronics, Valleytronics, one of those strategies is Strain Engineering, which provides a powerful route to modify the electrical and optical properties in 2D materials and thus it is an excellent candidate to be used as an external tuning knob. , strain engineering techniques opens the possibility to explore new pathways in the understating of the intrinsic nature of 2D materials with different properties like 2D superconductors, magnetic and their applications. After the seminar, a couple of questions about fabrication and modification of 2D materials were raised by attending students and professors and Professor David PerezdeLara answered these questions enthusiastically in detail for the audiences. Professor Liu Ren then concluded that we hope Professor David PerezdeLara can establish close cooperation with research groups in Jiangnan University.

Professor David PerezdeLara gave his seminar on2DMaterialsand Devices

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